Ladies Hostel Near Infopark Kakkanad

We are one of the best hostels for women that give priority to the comfort and safety of our inmates. It is very important for us that you get the right environment to do your studies and work. There are strict rules in place to control noise and other disturbances. We make sure that our inmates have a clean and healthy place to live. Bathroom-to-inmate ratio is so arranged that nobody will have to wait in long queues to take their shower each day. There are proper facilities for everyday requirements such as washing clothes and drying them. You will have access to 24 hour running water and special requirements such as hot water in case of specific health conditions will be entertained at the discretion of the warden. We have backup options in case of power outage, so that the lives of our inmates are least affected by unexpected power cuts. We understand that this is particularly important for students during exams and assignment submissions. We offer facilities such as study tables to make sure that you can complete your curriculum requirements as well as day scholars. We hope that our hostel will be a home away from home and we take particular care to provide tasty and healthy food for our inmates.We advise our residents to avoid wastage. It is definitely important to get a chance to relax after a long day and we have a media room where you can watch television. For the smooth running of the hostel, schedules will be provided and the residents are expected to stick to them. We also impose a curfew as your safety is our priority. Male visitors shall not be allowed to enter the building beyond the reception area. Male repair or maintenance men will carry out their jobs under the strict supervision of the warden. Students going home on holidays or staying away overnight for reasons such as class tours will need to inform the warden before they may leave the hostel. Warden holds the right to validate the information provided by the inmate. Complaints should either be reported to the warden or deposited in the designated complaint boxes.We take feedbacks from our residents seriously and try to make our hostel a better home for you.

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