1. Fees should be paid by the 5th of every month.
  2. Rooms should always be kept neat and tidy.
  3. Lights and TV should be switched off by 11 PM.
  4. No iron boxes are permitted in the room. If found a fine will be collected.
  5. Clothes should be dried only on the terrace and not the balcony
  6. Complaints if any should be registered at the reception immediately
  7. Movement register should be signed before leaving and returning to the hostel.
  8. Valuables are to be locked up in the cupboard provided. Management is not responsible for any loss.
  9. No food waste should be kept in the room. It should be disposed in the bin provided in the common area
  10. Compensations will be collected for any damages found in the room.
  11. Please sanitary napkins and dispose it in the bin provided in the common area.
  12. Prior notice to be given to the management if leaving the hostel for the night or going home.
  13. Parents should contact the hostel as soon as you reach home.
  14. Hostel mess will be closed for Onam {2 days}, X’mas {2 days} & Easter {3 days} holidays.
  15. Inmates should keep the room keys  on the key holder.
  16. Management have all the right to take immediate action against those who violate the terms and conditions.
  17. Management reserves the right to eject any occupant without assigning any reason but after giving 3 days notice.
  18. Visiting time for working women is half an hour and for students it is 15 minutes. Occupants are permitted to receive guests and friends upto 6.30 pm only and the meeting should only be in the common space of the hostel.
  19. Amma Ladies Hostel also accommodates women working on night shifts, if they produce relevant proof from their employer indicating details of their shift timings and journey to and from the organisation, including routes, mode of transport and time of journey. We will accommodate only such persons only if we are convinced the employers are a reputed organisation.